Observatory: Level Design Evolution August 18th 2017 · dreofthedead

La-da-da-da-dahhh. It’s the motherflippin’ D.R.E. (Dr. Dre, motherflipper!)  That’s right, it’s your boy Dre and i’m back to talk about Level Design! As the game has evolved, new mechanics have been introduced or changed dramatically from their original incarnations.  Today i’ll be talking about how the Level Design has evolved to complement the changes we’ve made […]

Community Highlight August 11th 2017 · Bossa Vince

Hey Splashers! We’ve spoken a lot on this page about us and we thought it’s about time to talk about you! A lot has been happening in the community with content flowing freely. Those of you in the Official Discord will be aware of a Text Channel called “board_designs”. Every week we have a new theme […]

Behind the Deck – Top Tips for working in the games industry August 4th 2017 · Tracey McGarrigan

Hi Splashers! As we’ve recently been sharing blogs about what inspired us to make Decksplash, we though this week would we ask the team about what it’s like to work in the games industry and more importantly, what it takes to work in the industry. First up to share her thoughts is the Lead Producer on […]

The Art of Decksplash July 28th 2017 · Bossa Vince

Desksplash – Art Style History The Art style for Decksplash wasn’t always as it is now, it went though a number of iterations before we settled on a style which we felt suited the game. The original art style for Decksplash was initially intended to be more serious, slick and more realistic than what we […]

Talking about Lootboxes and Gaming Sessions! July 21st 2017 · Bossa Vince

Hey Splashers! It’s been a busy week for us and we’ve got a couple of things to show off before we scoot into this week’s gaming session! We’ve been putting the finishing touches on some of our customisation and lootbox features giving us these awesome gifs for us to show off! Hopefully we’ll have them […]

The Origins of Decksplash July 14th 2017 · dreofthedead

Hi, I’m Dre, the game designer on Decksplash! I’ve worked on a bunch of stuff but the thing i’m most proud of is a little 2D indie skateboarding platformer called OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood. You should play it if you haven’t already!  The seed of the idea for Decksplash came back in early 2016 where […]

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US July 7th 2017 · Bossa Vince

Hey Splashers! I’m hi-jacking this space momentarily to talk a little bit about myself. My name’s Vince, for those of you in the Discord this probably doesn’t come as news, although for many others I would assume that I’m pretty unknown!  I’m a member of the marketing team at Bossa Studios, I used to run […]

Decksplash Fridays! June 30th 2017 · Sophie_Bossa

Hey everyone! We were blown away by the turnout and support for Decksplash during last weekend’s playtest, so we just wanted to thank you all for being awesome! All of your suggestions and bug reports were super usefuland you can already see on the Discord we’re working on some of the things you mentioned. We […]

New Features! June 16th 2017 · Sophie_Bossa

Hey again Decksplash Fans We thought we would start the blog as we mean to go on, by getting stuck into the things you care most about! Anyone who’s been active on our Discord channel will have seen that we’ve been really enjoying reading your feedback and suggestions. Thanks again for coming to chat to […]

Welcome to the Decksplash Dev Blog! June 6th 2017 · Sophie_Bossa

Hello hello hello! Welcome to the Decksplash Dev Blog! Thanks everyone for your interest in Decksplash, we’re really excited to see people participating in the Alphas and talking about our game! Along with some of the great discussions that are online, here are some of the nice things people are saying:: “Decksplash may be the […]