Hey Splashers!

We’ve been slightly quieter than usual while we ramp up for something big, although we’ve not forgotten about our amazing community that hangs out with us daily on discord and through our other social channels, which is why we’re writing this blog to let you know of the updates coming to your inventory in this weeks gaming sessions that I’m sure you’re going to love!


Denk loot

What’s better than 50 items of loot? How about over 100! That’s right, in this patch we’re bringing in double the current amount of loot for you to grind your way towards.

It’s Christmas come early!

Makin’ Bank

With so much new stuff to choose from, how’re going to make sure you can get it all? Well, we’ve got you covered already with our new Decksplash Dollars (Name Pending). You earn these every time you get a duplicate in a loot box and can then use them to buy other loot that you really want, but haven’t been able to grab yet!

You won’t be able to spend them yet, but now when you get a duplicate item it wont be as savagely disappointing in previous sessions where you didn’t receive anything visible. (We still tracked it, but we didn’t have any art for it)



We’ve made some changes to the quality settings of the game and done some optimization. It should now run smoother on lower end machines.


Player account reset

This is the part that some of you will love and some of you will hate, although it’s all good news!

We’re resetting everyone’s customization options and level. This reset comes hand in hand with the updates above, but it’s also to help us better understand from scratch how quickly people start collecting the items and getting duplicates! Along with a whole host of other reasons on our end which is going to help improve the game for everyone! Now no need to worry, this doesn’t affect your eligibility for things like the alpha/awesome board that we’ve been showing off.

We do feel a little bad about it though, so we’re treating you for this week only with the following section….


Longer playtest session!

This Friday’s playtest will run for an extra two hours so you can get your Decksplash fix!

We don’t currently have plans to make this the norm for the playtests, but let us know how you find it and we’ll consider increasing the length of the sessions in the future!


That’s all from this week. Wishlist the game if you haven’t already and we look forward to gaming with you in today’s gaming session!